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It’s that time of year when the trees fly the orange, yellow & red flags of fall, bare feet and flip flops are traded in for socks & boots, the sun sets a little earlier each day and the evenings bring a chilly whisper of the winter to come.

Fall is also a very popular time of year for some fun, colorful outdoor photos and especially for engagement sessions – and why not, since the cool weather gives you one more reason to snuggle up!  When preparing for a fall photo shoot, the most common question I am asked is, “What should we wear”? While I am not a big fan of the matchy-matchy look with everyone wearing identical outfits, I DO think it’s important to coordinate your color palette and wear colors that will look great with the fall foliage.  Here are a few ideas for some great casual outfits to get you started:

Montreal fall photo session, what to wear


A few other tips:

  • Think about your personal style as a couple (sporty, trendy, casual, romantic, vintage, high fashion, etc.) and try to coordinate so that you’re BOTH in the same style from head to toe since we’ll be taking some shots full length. For example, if you want to wear something sporty, then you should BOTH wear something sporty…
  • Dress up a little. It’s not every day you have professional photos taken, so wearing something special will make your photos more distinctive than the shot your mom took of you at your last family dinner. Choose something you’d wear on a date – maybe a cute dress for you and a shirt with nice pants for him.
  • Whatever you choose to wear, try to stay away from small patterns (pin stripes, tiny polka dots, etc.) since this can cause digital moiré in your images.
  • Wear comfy shoes since we’ll be walking around a lot. If you have some super sexy heels that you want to wear – I’ll give you time to change shoes in between takes.
  • The ladies should wear a little makeup – even if you don’t normally, since your features will look much better on camera if you have a touch of mascara & lipstick or gloss…
  • Don’t forget accessories; belts, watches, earrings & necklaces/bracelets – and of course, your engagement ring!  If you’re thinking of bringing along some props, let’s talk about how we can incorporate them into the shoot in a creative way.

Most importantly, as you go about choosing your outfit for your session, wear what you feel comfortable in, because if you’re both comfortable, it will help you feel relaxed & confident and that will come through in the photos.

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