Natacha & Mickey

Intimate Civil Ceremony

January 2011

Our wedding was a small gathering with only a few people, and it took place in a very small restaurant, however, it was important for us to capture that special moment.  Montreal Wedding Photographer Victoria de Martigny from Creative Perspectives Photography helped us to make this special moment last forever through her camera.

Having met Victoria through a close friend, it was clear in our minds that she was devoted to her wedding photography.  Her presence at our wedding was exactly what we were looking for: beautiful and creative photo shots, spontaneous and close to our personalities, but most of all tailored to our needs! The photo shoot did not last long and it was perfect for the small and intimate wedding we had.

We can feel the emotion in every photo, and she really made us feel comfortable. Even our friends and family enjoyed her presence and couldn’t wait to see the end result.

We thank you for your professionalism and your creative work.

Natacha and Mickey