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Jordana & Tom’s Wonderful Winter Wedding | Montreal Wedding Photographer

I met Jordana and Tom a few months ago when they came to my office to discuss photography for their wedding.  From the moment they walked in, hand in hand, I could see the that this was a couple who were truly in love.  As they told me a little about how their love story began […]

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AxiodaBroaria - January 24, 2012 - 10:55 pm

Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

Marina Leau - March 4, 2011 - 7:58 pm

Lovely couple congratulations and happy life together

Summer - February 10, 2011 - 1:52 pm

So so pretty! Love the snow, we don’t get much of that down here in California!!

Maureen & Ian - February 5, 2011 - 11:26 am

Tom & JD,

Just saw the photographer’s link and the AMAZING pictures on it. JD, your mum’s poem was beautiful and truly captured your special connection to each other. It looks like it was a fairy tale wedding and we wish you both a ‘happily every after’ life. We can’t wait to see you both soon to hear all the details of your special day. From the pictures, it looks like it was a day you’ll both cherish forever. Take care of yourselves and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Maureen & Ian

Dallas Wedding Photographer - January 15, 2011 - 9:15 pm

Wow love the snow pictures!

Guylaine and Darrell - January 9, 2011 - 5:10 pm

To Jordana and Tom, what a beautiful day we had the pleasure of being part of…it is so beautiful to see two beautiful people so much in Love, the pictures are fantastic, they show the love you both have for each other. Its beautiful to see!

Mom - January 6, 2011 - 7:23 pm

Love the outdoor shots!!

this last one… its a christmas card. It needs to be a giant canvas.

Susan - January 4, 2011 - 2:50 am

Beautiful, beautiful winter wedding shots Victoria! Love the snow and enjoyed the post.

Rachel Shomsky - January 3, 2011 - 8:36 pm

WOW! Love that limo shot and those nighttime shots with the snow!! great coverage of the day 🙂

Ashley - January 3, 2011 - 8:20 pm

Great images Victoria – looks like such a fun couple to work with! I particularly love the two shots of the bride near the top (blowing a kiss at the camera).

Mishelle Lamarand - January 3, 2011 - 6:16 pm

Lovely couple and great shots! That snowflake image is simply divine!!

Neil Gaudet - January 3, 2011 - 6:16 pm

I love the last image in this post. Well done!

Esther Herbst - January 3, 2011 - 1:14 pm

I have been to quite a few Weddings in my day and I truly
have to say,”Jordana” that were by far the Most Beautiful,
effervescent, glowing Bride I have ever seen!! You & Tom make
such a handsome couple, it shows that you are meant for each
other, such a connection between you. The Wedding was
Spectacular. I was honored being your guest on such a Joyous

Love Esther xx

Amelia Gordon - January 3, 2011 - 11:50 am

Wow – Beautiful and happy photographs. What a joy to look at them. Thank you.

Ricardo Buchner Fotografia - January 3, 2011 - 10:41 am

Great photos Victoria!

The one I liked best is that with snow falling (the one you can see the 208 nunber on porch).

Congratulations and happy new year!

Hooman - January 3, 2011 - 10:32 am

Wow, fantastic snow shots! Its almost like a snow globe – really nice photography! Thanks for sharing.

Samantha - January 1, 2011 - 10:43 pm

Lovely job as usual Victoria. I’ve been following your blog since I saw you on Creative Live and I’m constantly impressed with your creativity and your style. Keep it coming – and don’t wait so long before you post again!!

Melissa - January 1, 2011 - 10:31 pm

Absolutely gorgeous!! I particularly like the ones on the circular stairs and the last one with the snow. That photo could be a Christmas card.. it’s absolutely incredible!

Sarah - January 1, 2011 - 7:55 pm

Vic, these shots are fan-friggin-tastic!